It was incredibly hard to focus on school today– the election results had come out. Still, I’ll make an attempt at describing my final, an effort that is made easier by having a pre-existing property to work off of. I also mocked up an initial timeline, which you can see below. I had some stretch goals that i optimistically thought I could manage, but now that I see the timeline, realize they aren’t reasonable at all. Still, I include them for hope’s sake.


The Sorting Hat is a loving recreation of a magical object in the world of the Harry Potter series. In the books, the hat reads your mind to determine which of four school houses you have the most affinity for. In real life, we are unable to read minds, so the Sorting Hat asks you a series of questions and determines your house based on your responses. Physically, it is an anthropomorphic hat that beckons you to put it on. Once on your head, it will guide you through a series of yes or no questions to which you will respond with nods or words. The hat will then decide your house, which it will announce loudly, and you can enjoy a sense of belonging and delight at this talking hat’s decisions.