The first time I’d ever been assigned “The Medium as a Message” as a reading was in undergrad when I took a software engineering course on Media Applications. My professor was a liberal sort, far more artistic and open-minded than most professors in computer science. He agreed with McLuhan for the most part, but scoffed at the details– how can the lightbulb be a medium? How absurd!

Although I’m sympathetic to my professor’s objections, I do largely agree with McLuhan when I consider my work at ITP. All of my mediums have been chosen with great intention, even when they don’t deliver content in itself. I haul lights and cameras out, even if they don’t actually say anything about my work… I’m sometimes left wondering if others do the same. Why did you choose vr for a piece, and what does it say about your piece? Sure it means that you’re using the latest equipment, but it also means that it’s not accessible to the majority of people who don’t have access. Additionally, VR has a tendency to make some people feel nauseated, particularly women. What does that say about this medium? It is created by men, but also, consequently, for men?

I apologize that this post is a bit facile. I’m a bit short on time.